More than 100 houses urgently need rebuilding from some of the poorest communities in Aklan that were destroyed in Typhoon Yolanda.  Basics Global started their rebuild program in June 2014 in the worst affected villages. The houses replaced are be of a much higher quality that the ones that were lost ensuring that these families have adequate shelter in the future Typhoon seasons. Basics is committed to providing safe housing to as many as possible in these flood and typhoon prone regions. 
A permanent house for up to 10 people costs as little as USD 1,500.
To find out how to sponsor a house rebuild or to join us on a re build trip please contact us.
Housing rebuild, Typhoon Yolanda, Aklan, Philippines

June 2014

Typhoon Yolanda Aid Distribution, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines

November 2014 and March 2014

Bethlehem Creche, Colombo, Sri Lanka

October 2013

More than 3 tons of aid have been shipped and distributed to citizens devastated by Typhoon Frank. This Typhoon flooded Malabon province in  September 2013. The shipments included clothing, food and medical supplies, many of the affected families are still in shelters 6 months later.  The distributions were carried out by our dedicated partners on the ground and overseen by Basics Global. 
Typhoon Frank Aid Distribution, Dela Paz, Philippines

October 2013 to June 2014

The Basics Global volunteers distributed to more than 3000 citizens of Aklan province Philippines, who were the victims of the worst ever Typhoon, Yolanda.  Plastic sheeting for emergency shelter, and food items were given to the worst affected villages in the coastal regions of the province.  This was achieved in conjunction with local NGO Task Force Tabang  Basics pride themselves in ensuring that the supplies were distributed to those who were in need following the vast destruction of the Philippines. The distribution took place over two 7 week periods in November 2013 and March 2014. 
St Josephs orphanage is run by the extremely devoted Sister Aida , the 20 plus children she looks after were abandoned as babies and remain with her until they are adults.  The children varying in age from 3 to 16 years old and are solely reliant on her care. They are funded through private donations of items and money, Basics Global is collecting items continuously for this centre. To find out what we are currently collecting and how to donate items please contact us.
Warm children’s clothes and shoes were collected and set to the monastery to help them survive the harsh winter conditions.  This monastery looks after children that cannot be cared for by their own families due to poverty.  The Monastery with the help of Dubai resident Sibilla Martin provides medical care and basics items for the children. 
Winter Clothes Collection, Triten Norbuste Bompo, Monastery, Nepal

September 2013

Shipments of toys, clothes and baby supplies have been sent to Bethlehem Creche in Colombo, This Crèche is run by Sister Fiorella, this centre looks after around 60 children of single mothers from the poorest communities allowing the mothers to work and earn an income.  Through her work she has enabled hundreds of mothers to send their children to school.
Item Collections for Children of St. Joseph Orphanage, Mindanao, Philippines

April 2014

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Basics collects items to ship to the village of Badio, Aklan, Philippines. Badio is a small village in the Province of Aklan that was massively damaged in typhoon Yolanda last year. Basics have already started their Rebuilding program and now we want to collect unwanted items you have at home to send to these needy families. All items must be in excellent condition, but do not have to be new. We are collecting the following items:

Children’s clothes and shoes (all ages)  

Toys , School supplies                                   
Men’s and women’s clothes and shoes 
Fleeces blankets

To help us cover the shipping costs all we ask is that for every person when dropping off items, please also include a small donation of any amount under AED50 cash. This will assist us to ship more items.

Please contact us to discover out your closest drop off point through the FB page or 
Item Collection Appeal, Badio, Aklan, Philippines

June 2014

400,000 refugees have fled from attacks by ISIS in northern Iraq. 60,000 have been killed, thousands of children are orphaned with their mothers missing many sold into slavery.

​Basics Global urgently needs: Children’s winter clothes Scarfs, hats, trousers, shoes, jumpers, socks, t-shirts (for any age of child), Sleeping bags, fleece blankets and milk powder are also desperately needed. Clothing items do not have to be new, just in excellent condition.

Basics has drop off points all over the UAE. Contact us through Basics Global’s facebook page or email to find your closest drop off points. Please share and spread the word to help this humanitarian crisis.
Emergency Iraq Refugee Appeal, Iraq

November 2014

Socks for Tots, 2015 (Philippines, Africa and Middle East)

Thanks to Bounce Middle East we have been able to provide thousands of pairs of socks to children in the Middle East, Africa and Philippines.  A huge thank you to Bounce and our hard working volunteers on the ground.  We are always looking for shipping sponsors/partners for this project.  Sponsoring the shipment of one box is AED 200/UDS 54 which provides happy feet for many children.
iCare Program

Thanks to our generous sponsor EyeQ Opticals UAE we have started our eye care program in the Philippines.  50 individuals benefited from the first round of distributions.  Eye care is out of the financial reach of many of the poorest around the world what a joy to bring the gift of vision.