From sports events to book sales, Basics Global is funded through corporate sponsorship and private donations. We have many ongoing fundraising projects for schools, groups, individuals and businesses. We encourage you to organize fundraising of your own with our support and we are always welcoming new and bright ideas. Like most NGOs we rely heavily on your support to complete our projects and change these lives of thousands. 


We continuously run collections of items throughout the year for various causes, from winter clothes for Nepalese children, to school items for orphaned children in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.  To find out our current collections please check out our projects section or contact us directly. 


Here at Basics Global we rely heavily on our talented volunteers to make all our projects a success. We accept volunteers from all over the world all we ask is that you are over 18 and not afraid of hard work. You can volunteer to take part on an overseas trip or to help with fundraising projects.  Our trips can involve aid distribution, rebuilding schemes or managing/implementing of employment/farming projects.  To find out more information please fill in our contact form. 

We have many options for businesses to get involved with Basics

Global.  With any company sponsorship programs we encourage staff to participate through fundraising and volunteering.  We can offer tailor made projects for your social programs including  branding options, travel packages for staff on short and longer term projects  The vital involvement of businesses both small and large means Basics Global can impact thousands more lives each year.



2015 Desert Warrior Challenge

Basics Global will have a team of warriors taking part in the Desert Warrior challenge(see http://desertwarriorchallenge.com/) 2015.  This team will help raise money for our Philippines housing program in the village of Badio If you are up for this challenge we want you on our team!  Team members need to do the following; 

Pay the entry fee, (around 500aed) 

Start training (most important bit) you don’t need to run marathons daily but some stamina and upper body training is advised. 

Get your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you to take part in this challenge.  A Fund Razr account or similar online account is one of the easiest ways, all you need is a pay pal account generally. However you choose to collect is up to you.  ( we can help  you with this) 

Do some more training 

All collected sponsorship should be sent to Basics three days before the event. 

Make sure you have good kit for the day, Basics will provide the shirts, you will need gloves (there is climbing involved), good shoes (they will get trashed though so don’t come in your Gucci sneakers) and shorts or running pants. 

Get in contact with us for full details and how to join