Basics Global through a series of short, medium and long term programs provide relief and assistance to communities that have been devastated by natural disasters and civil unrest.

Short Term

After a disaster whether man made or natural, the most critical and urgent factors to address are providing food and shelter to those most vulnerable.  Basics Global with its dedicated sponsors  contributors and volunteers is able to mobilize funds and resources in a short time period and can be on site in affected areas within days.  With our previous experience in aid distribution we are able to put together effective operations that provide life saving relief to precisely where it is needed.

Medium Term

Destruction of infrastructure, schools and housing is often vast in areas affected by unrest or natural disasters.  This is often made worse due to the poor quality of construction in developing countries.  Basics Global assists the worst hit communities in rebuilding of homes and schools, these are  sponsored by corporations or private donations.

Longer Term

Basics Global’s long term aims are to help the poorest of individuals in impoverished areas to move themselves out of poverty through consistent and sustainable employment schemes and farming assistance programs. Basics Global has programs that range from poultry farming to the retail of hand made products. Through trusted NGOs on the ground, dedicated staff and volunteers of Basics Global, the schemes are managed and overseen to ensure maximum effectiveness and that funds or supplies reach the correct people.

Lisa Kingsley is a British national who has been in the Middle East for more than 8 years. Lisa's corporate background is in the retail, banking and real estate sectors in the UK and Middle East. Lisa has been heavily involved in charity for many years and has expertise in project and event management fundraising, aid relief and long term sustainable community development. Lisa's main goals through Basics Global is to assist families in developing countries to move themselves out of the cycle of poverty by providing necessary training and resources.


Basics Global was founded in the U.A.E. in 2009  by Lisa Kingsley a British expat who has resided in the Middle East for more than 8 years.  First concentrating on the Middle East predominantly in the U.A.E. the dedicated volunteers have been involved in supporting many causes, from domestic workers who have fled their employers, providing supplies to hard working labourers assisting in critical medical cases and fundraising for special needs children ,

Basics Global now assists communities all over the world and is dedicated to working with those who are impacted by disasters and unrest.  This is made possible through dedicated volunteers and financial supporters